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Movie Shoots

Movie Shoot - Sorority Wars
“Sorority Wars” 2009
St. Ann’s Academy provides a unique location for filming. The property includes a historic church, heritage auditorium with plaster proscenium and wooden seating, institutional exteriors, and a variety of outdoor landscapes with gazebos, fences, walkways and a formal tree lined and gated drive.

setting up for Mermaid's Chair movie shoot at St. Ann's
“Mermaid’s Chair” 2006

St. Ann’s has been used a location by a variety of independent and commercial productions for major motion pictures, movies of the week, and TV series episodes. Film credits include:

  • Lies Like Truth (1994)
  • No Night is too Long (2002)
  • Emile(2002)
  • Guaranteed Overnight Delivery (G.O.D)(1999)
  • The Mermaid Chair (2006)
  • Cleaverville (2007)
  • Sorority Wars (2009)
  • Freshman Father (2009)
  • Big Time Rush Movie (2012)

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