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Catering Guidelines

Catering facilities vary depending on the location of your event at St. Ann's Academy. A site tour with St. Ann's Academy staff, the client and contracted caterer is required at least two months prior to an event. Floor plans of the chapel and parlours, as well as a map of our site, are available upon request.

Catering Facilities and Equipment available:

Chapel and Parlour area and Novitiate Garden:

  • Small catering area with a standard refrigerator with ice maker, convection/microwave oven, cupboards, counters, and a deep sink. It is not designed for cooking but for set-up only.
  • Several folding tables and 40 wooden folding chairs (please reserve in advance)

Academy Green:

  • Use of catering area and equipment described above
  • One potable water tap is available at some distance
  • Limited electrical outlets


  • The catering area is not accessible from the auditorium
  • A small tented area near the entrance is available for use by caterers
  • Several folding tables and 40 wooden chairs (please reserve in advance)

Any additional equipment will need to be rented by the client. Dish washing facilities are not available. Please note: Although staff will be available to help with access, the client is responsible for actual set-up and take down of tables and chairs.


The heritage values of the building and grounds are paramount. The following guidelines will be strictly enforced.

Set-up: Absolutely no tape, pins, staples or tacks may be used on any surfaces. Furnishings in rooms are part of the historic setting and normally are not moved. If you would like any furniture moved, please consult with staff. Any historic furnishings must be draped with a table cloth before use for food, etc. Lit candles are permitted only behind the altar rail in the chapel sanctuary. LED (battery-operated) candles are permitted; please consult with staff if you have any questions.

Food Service: No food or drink is permitted in the chapel, or on the stage of the auditorium. Please advise staff immediately of any spills on plaster walls or woodwork.

Electrical Appliances: Any appliance which is plugged into a power source on the property must be Canadian Safety Association (CSA) approved. Note: To avoid blowing breakers, no more than one heat drawing appliances such as coffee brewers can be plugged into an electrical outlet at a time. Please contact staff for further information.

Clean-up: All garbage, cardboard, and recyclables need to be removed from the site. We do not provide additional garbage receptacles or garbage bags; please bring your own. Catering area must be left clean; mop and broom will be provided.


Access time: Please note that access to the site is limited to the time booked by your client. As there are often events booked back-to-back, access to the site before the booked time (or departure after the booked time) will not be permitted. Early arrival or late departure by any contracted personnel may result in penalties to the client (see Interpretive Centre Additional Fees Policy). One hour at either end of an event is recommended for set-up and take-down; more elaborate receptions or events may require more time. Due to our residential location, outdoor events must be completed by 9 pm with clean up completed by 10 pm.

Deliveries: There are no secure facilities for storage of tables, chairs or other rentals. Early drop-off of any equipment must be arranged with a staff member and must not impact on any other client's booking. Please advise staff if the elevator is required; an elevator access card can be provided, which must be returned to staff before leaving.

Parking: Limited parking may be available. Please consult with staff.

To download these Catering Guidelines as a PDF, click here.