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The Commercial Classroom

St. Ann's Academy Commercial Classroom, 1934 St. Ann's Academy
Commercial Classroom, 1934
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The Commercial Classroom and Typing / Stenography room was located on the third floor, just above the main entrance to the school. The windows of this room looked out down the Allee, to the gate. The Commercial Class was started in 1892 by Sister Mary Matthew, as a programme to teach young women skills needed in the business world.

Remington Typewriter Cover St. Ann's Academy
Commercial Classroom, 1934

The classroom was divided into three separate areas. Students entered from the hallway, into the Commercial Room, where rows of desks, parallel to the windows, faced the front. At the rear of this room was a banking space, with a wicket set up for practice in currency skills. Beyond the banking wicket was the typing room, where rows of manual typewriters were set up for student use. Typing was one of the popular subjects for the non-Commercial students also. The girls used their typing abilities to work on projects such as the school publication, The Aquinian.

After the Hooper Wing was completed, the Commercial Course was moved into the new section of the school. This room was rearranged to accommodate the Grade 8 class. The room has not been restored. It is currently used as a board room for meetings.