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Hooper Wing: The 1910 Addition

Music Studios

Music Studio Music Studio
September 1923

A single storey music wing made during the addition of 1886 was demolished to make room for the Hooper Wing. There was a great emphasis on music at the Academy, and music studios became part of the new building. Students could take lessons in piano, outside of their regular music activities, and these rooms offered teaching and practice space.

In 1963, the Novices of St. Anns Academy recorded an LP of Christmas songs. Click here to listen to Ava Maria. This copy of the original recording reflects its age in its sound quality.

After the first piano arrived in 1859, purchased from San Francisco, a tradition arose at the school, and piano, organ, harp and voice were studied with dedication and talent. The music studio was a series of rooms that opened into each other, lined up in a row. Although practice times were scheduled and the girls were not supposed to play after these hours, many would sneak in for one or two songs. It is very difficult to practice piano without the other people in the building noticing, and they were always caught.