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Hooper Wing: The 1910 Addition


Grade 8 Classroom Grade 8 Classroom

The classrooms were divided by grade, with separate rooms for art, music and science. The teachers would move to the different rooms for instruction in the subjects, rather than having the students move to a new location for each class. The rooms were clean and bright, with wooden desks. Large chalk boards lined the walls, and many of the Sisters arranged displays, to help teach the pupils and to show the work that they had completed. In 1936, the Grammar Grades put on an exhibition for the Diamond Jubilee, with essays and displays about the history of St. Ann's Academy.

Grammar Grades Exhibit, 1936 Grammar Grades Exhibit, 1936
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For many years, the offices of the Provincial and Prefect of Studies was found on the second floor, with the science labs and the Grade 12 classroom. Grades 4, 5 and 6 were taught on the third floor, across the hall from the staff room. The other rooms changed between reading rooms and classrooms, depending on enrollment, and in later years, when the primary school and annex were separated, these arrangements changed again.